Chinese Natural Hetian Green Jade Nephrite


Carved Unicorn Pixiu Beast Pendant Amulet, Jade Stone


The material uses high-grade starfish black jade, completely hand-carved.
Dimensions: 5.8cm high x 3.3cm long x 0.8cm thick
Pi Yao/Pi Xiu, also known as "Bixie" or "Tian Lu", is a legendary mascot in ancient China. Without eyes, it has a huge mouth that can swallow the riches of the world without driving them out. With this unique ability, it is believed to be able to attract wealth from anywhere, ward off bad fortune, and bring good luck.
Pixiu is famous for attracting wealth and is one of the five auspicious animals in ancient China (the other four are dragon, phoenix, tortoise and Kailin).
Due to the natural characteristics of jade, each jade stone may vary slightly in color and texture. A small amount of color variation may exist, we will try to avoid impurities in the jade, but cannot guarantee complete purity.


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