Dahlia Chinese Zodiac Jade Necklace 2034


Real Grade A Certified Burma Jadeite



Style: Pig Q90
PRECIOUS SYNTHETIC GEM: Burmese jade is expensive jade. Its value has greatly increased over the past few decades. It is said to bring wealth, contain healing powers, and ward off evil.
REAL CERTIFIED A-GRADE JADE: Dahlia's Jade is certified by China National Testing Center (GIA Equivalent) for instant certification online. Grade A means jade is natural, chemical-free, and safe to wear, compared to grades B and C.
HISTORICAL SET: There are thousands of years of culture behind the design of each jade jewelry, making it a meaningful gift. Each zodiac animal represents a different characteristic. This little pig symbolizes prosperity, dependability and sincerity.
EASY TO FOLLOW QUALITY GRADES: Since jade is a very complex gemstone, Dahlia developed a grading system that includes factors such as color, clarity, grain, cut and weight. The higher the Q code, the better the quality.
QUALITY ASSURANCE & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Dahlia has been established in New York for over 20 years, providing top notch service, 99% Amazon customer satisfaction. We offer fast delivery, fast turnaround, and a no questions asked return policy


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